AI for Performance Monitoring

Capture, analyze and predict every application behavior from users to infrastructure, end-to-end


Meet Dash!, the AI observer

Dash, is an AI based observer, who continuously monitors every user behavior and correlates with raw data to identify patterns, anomalies to quickly identify root cause and guide future behavior patterns.


Key Features


We use Al to extend human judgement instead of replacing it


We capture user signals and cross analyze with historical behavior to draw behavior themes and patterns


We capture user opinions with language, and refine into more concise and focused structure with clear meaning

Root Cause

Dash applies cognitive intelligence, offering you full visibility of your app, and provide you with the root-cause of problems.

Incident & Problem Prediction

Dash is proactive about customer-facing issues before they escalate by auto-detecting anomalies, without the need for rules or thresholds

Insights & Recommendation

Dash enriches detected events with insights to explain behaviors, and recommends resolutions from its proprietary knowledge base.