State of Product Organizations

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

"Product Management is an art, more than science" - a popular meme. These are a class of product managers who have built their career based on hard knocks and personal experiences. This class of professionals, strongly believed that there is only one way to build good products, that is through hard fought battles. Great ideology, nothing wrong, but can we keep up with the pace of innovation!

Only traditional and on-premise software will rule the world; Completed transactions are only true measure of user engagement; Perpetual licensing is a thing of future - As absurd as these ideologies sound, this thinking ruled the software industry. With the advent of Cloud and SaaS, every existing ideology that governed the software industry was put to test. Consumerization of Software, Customer Obsession, Continuous improvement and Rapid prototyping have given birth to personalized user experiences, user centered design, CI / CD and more importantly impeccable user experiences.

Product Managers are adopting a wide variety of tools hoping to meet this goal. Surveys, Product feedback sessions, Star rating systems did what they were supposed to do, but could never capture the true emotion how a user feels when interacting with your application. To complicate this even further, organization culture can make it hard to align with common goals. Perceived difference between Product Management, Engineering, Sales and Customer Support of how the product is used makes it harder for product managers to prioritize features for future release.

To keep up with competition and adopt to customer compulsions and needs, product organizations need sophisticated systems that not only help them draw accurate picture of current usage but also proactively measure usage in the future.

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