Churn           Engage

Identify most important flows to proactively reduce churn using our conversion rate optimization engine

User Engagement

Capture precise data on daily, monthly and annual active usage by user profile, geo-location and more. Get details on what factors influence user engagement and use to improve usage

User Flows

Makerspad automatically monitors as user moves through your product to develop themes around their needs and compulsions. Rich set of behavioral data captured is stored and constantly compared against new releases to graph product performance

Conversion Funnels

Makerspad enables you to track granular data for each critical event in your product and track their performance across releases. For standard events, Makerspad compares it against industry benchmarks and proprietary recommendation engine offers guidance on how to improve performance.

Cohort Analysis

Understand how one in-app action relates to another. Or how a new feature is influencing previously established benchmarks. Makerspad helps you reveal trends in user behavior and engagement over periods of time.